Radical Youth, single-channel video performance, 26:53 min., Amsterdam, 2018

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Click here to watch my lecture performance at Mediapark Hilversum

When value and meaning are de-materialized, reality is abstracted to an endless flow of fragmentary images and symbols. A satirical post-modern irony and sadness, real-life politics and terror blend with consumer- and network culture. In the realm of feeling world forelorn,  putting emphasis on the psychology of a generation that turns towards models of violence as their dernier ressort to protest and self-identification, the project points to commonalities between an “us” and a “them”. Within the context of  Generation- Y, Radical Youth is based on research on the right wing “Nipster” scene, the wave of European Jihadi youth and the phenomenon of rampage shooters. The video work creates an intimate space for telling fictional stories between the viewer as hostage and the confronting character. A black box, illuminating the violent depths that we inhabit – “strangely polished surfaces that intersect with blood, sand, clutter, Twitter and Melatonin.” (Rachel Rose O’Leary)

Radical Youth has been exhibited at the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, the 7th Poppositions Art Fair Brussels, at S.M.A.K Ghent, LUMA Arles, Z33 at
C-Mine, Genk and at the Berlin Masters annual exhibition where it was shortlisted for the TOY Award 2018.

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