This booklet gives an insight into the research that accompanies my graduation video performance “Radical Youth”. It contains three conversations with professionals working in the field of networkculture and extremisms. Where do these worlds — the one of youth- and network culture, lifestyle and consumerism and the one of violence and terror overlap? The self-written, fictional stories are based on this research and on true events. Being performed in the video work, they create an intimate space between the viewer as hostage and the confronting character. A black box, “illuminating the violent depths that we inhabit — strangely polished surfaces that intersect with blood, sand, clutter, YouTube and Melatonin.”
(Rachel Rose O ‘ Leary)
Read my graduation essay “I had the time of my life” here
Watch my talk about Cats of ISIS and Vetememes at “Radicale Verbeelding” here
Or have a look at the video work here
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