Online, offline network and workshop, Berlin, 2021

ccIRL on Instagram

Together with Alice Chardenet, Tarika Johar and Götz Sophie Schramm, I cofounded the online and offline network ccIRL. 

The new right uses social media effectively to globally connect anti-democratic positions. Committed to an open, intersectional discourse, the goal of ccIRL is to counter right-wing echo chambers and create spaces of solidarity in the digital world.

Exploring the political and social potential of art, a digital workshop laid the foundation for the ccIRL network. With the aim to generate new aesthetic strategies for social media platforms, we invited artists and guests to work together for three months. This resulted in digital interventions on TikTok and Instagram.

Workshop participants: Ella CB, Alice Chardenet, Anna Ehrenstein, Tarika Johar, Andrea Karch, Asta Mandelsloh, Sunny Pfalzer, Götz Sophie Schramm, Laura Schilling, Marta Vovk

Guest impulses by: Ivo Eichhorn, Dmitrij Kapitelman, Fabian Wichmann

Supported by: Stiftung Kunstfonds

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