In summer 2014 I was invited to join the summer school “Unfolding Perspectives” led by Prof. Andrea Rauschenbusch and Prof. Peter Bialobreszki in Cairo and Bremen. I not only worked on concept and layout of the publication but also produced my own work around the expression “Insha’Allah”.

Insha’Allah—whatever is God’s will—is an often used expression in Egyptian every day life. Through conversations and the visual examination of the graffiti-covered walls around the Tahrir area, I analyze the diverse layers of social attitudes ranging from religious heritage to independence, looking back at 25 January 2011 and towards a future of frustration or hope. The photographs are my visual translation of Interviews I did with people I met in Cairo. Contradicting quotes about the expression “Insha’Allah” can be found in the index, while one interview was printed in full length.

Printed in Germany by Stürken Albrecht GmbH
On Profi Bulk 1.3, 135 g/m2 & Hansaboard GD2, 400 g/m2
Typeface New Larish (Radim Pesko), Apercu (Colophon),
Adobe Arabic
Funded by DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service
Edition of 500

Unfolding Perspectives Summer School
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