In 2016 the Amsterdam based design studio Goys & Birls initiated the publication and event series NXS. Which explores the self in the digital age. NXS #2 – Synthetic Selves questions in how far the “self” we construct online might be biased by how we want to be seen. NXS stands for Nexus, relation. In the magazine, every written or visual piece is a reaction on a previous contribution. With my essay A voice that desires a reply sounds different I reacted upon the preceding text written by Karolien Burrman. In addition, my text was inspired by the philosopher Armen Avanessian. He asked how it might be possible to learn to really feel for “the other”. Avanessian spoke of a “truly poetic encounter”. My essay thus deals with the Charlottesville car attack on counter-demonstrations at the right-wing extremist demonstrations 2017 in Virginia (USA). In the text I claim that one’s own identity is constructed through the exchange with one’s conversational partner. But what happens if you have nothing in common with each other?

Concept and Design Goys & Birls

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