About Eurolab:
During a 4-day Eurolab photographer Wolfgang Tillmans and architects Rem Koolhaas & Stephan Petermann, together with a group of artists from all over Europe, have gone on a fact-finding mission what has gone wrong in the last 25 years of communicating Europe and how to make a new start. During the last day of the Forum on European Culture they will share the outcomes and present a comprehensive toolbox of ideas, visuals and strategies that can be used to communicate the EU in times of rising nationalism, populism and the growing support of far-right parties. How can we rebrand the EU? About the Forum on European Culture: At a time when the future of Europe seems more open than ever, artists and thinkers from all over the world come together in Amsterdam for the Forum on European Culture. The program combines theater, performances, film, debate, music and expositions. The forum took place from May 31 until June 3rd 2018 on various locations in Amsterdam.

Website Forum of European Culture

The project later developed into the Vote Together campaign initiated by Wolfgang Tillmans
and Between Bridges.
Website Vote Together

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